About me

Hi, my name is Camilla, my vocation: to be an event planner!

I have always loved to organize any type of events and, in order to transform my passion into a job, I have trained myself with specific courses at AWP in Milan and with a lot of practice as collaborator in one of the most renowned communication agency in Vicenza.

Each event has its story, its emotion, its expectations…my duty is to combine your desires in order to make it unic, special, unforgettable…
in one word: perfect!

My work experience makes me allowed to be specialized in the realization of each type of evet : wedding, birthday party, baptism, business meeting, business lunch or the opening of your new business.

I put my competence at your disposition, to guide you through all the aspects concerning the organization of your event and assure my presence the same day in order to guarantee supervision and coordination: your only worry will be to enjoy your day!

Some of the services I provide are:

-to search for the location
- to draw up the menu
- to realize fittings and scenography of the location
- flower design
- artistic entertainment
- photo book and video
- child animation
- wedding cake
- guests transfer and accommodation
- budget coordination

Camilla Cattaneo

“L'amore non è soltanto un sentimento, è un'arte.
E, come qualsiasi arte, non è sufficiente l'ispirazione,
ci vuole anche molto impegno”

P. Coelho

Fairs ed Events 2015/16

"Sayes - Sposiamoci" \ Vicenza

24-25 October 2015

"DimmiSi" \ Bassano

11-12 e 17-18 October 2015

"Venezia Sposi" \ Mestre

30-31 January 2016

"Verona Sposi" \ Verona

14-15 February 2016